About Us 

Iris Kauʻilani Plunkett

Founder | Trainer

Born and raised on this beautiful Moku ʻo Keawe, my childhood memories are that of growing up in both Honokohau and Keaukaha. I was blessed with wonderful parents and grandparents that opened their homes to host our special occasions and summer vacations. Our lives were always filled with love, laughter, music and dancing. I love music!

Currently employed with Hawaiian Airlines in Kona and January 2020 will mark my 16th year with this wonderful company that has been a blessing to my family and I. Back in 2016, I began teaching my crew in our shift briefings, to Aloha themselves first. Before we can offer our “Hoʻokipa” service to our customers, we have to learn to mālama ourselves first. Mahalo to Karlee for your nomination, I became a recipient of the Hawaiian Airlinesʻs Kūpono Award of Excellence in the first quarter 2016 and honored for my concept of “Dream Big".

Aloha Yourself is a result of encouraging them to “think out of the box,” “you were born with a solution to a problem,” “you came equipped with your purpose inside of you” and so on. It took four years for the message to evolve to where it is today. I am so excited to offer workshops with Aloha as the foundation, bringing awareness that you were born with the ability to create the life you desire right now. 

Excited to have you join our ALOHA YOURSELF movement!!!

 The Hui 

Lahela Ushiroda from Kailua-Kona and now recently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Aloha Yourself concept has been a four year journey of self discovery; spiritually, physically and mindfully. I have been part of several self development programs and groups that assist in discovering of Identity, purpose, vision, with intention to live out the desires that you want. 


I am so grateful to have the opportunity to partner with my mother founder Iris Plunkett as we share with our people, community and the Nation the Aloha Yourself program. We are so overwhelmed with gratitude to have access to this way of life, to help assist and guide us through our journey. We strive to see the Aloha Yourself program lead you to live your life with the results of everything that you desire to have. 


Awaken yourself to have Aloha in your daily as it will empower you to be the best version of yourself. 


Lahela Nalehua Ushiroda

Co-Founder | Trainer

 As a child I remember my days being spent at hula and cheerleading practices. I was fortunate to have experienced a life living on the mainland. Although I lived away from Hawaiʻi, my mom always made sure to instill the spirit of Aloha within ourselves and to always remember our family and roots. 

  I was very fortunate to graduate at the age of 16 (two years early) from Kealakehe High School. My parents were always my driving force in inspiring and motivating me to pursue my education. Within the last 8 years my familyʻs health and well-being has been challenged and we continued to persevere through it to get to where we are today. I was privileged to have experienced the life-changing lessons of self-discovery as I watched my mother change and therein change the lives of many women in the community. 


  I am so excited and grateful to be apart of the team and more importantly for this Aloha Yourself movement.  It has changed the way I think and see things with more clarity and I've been awakened to the Power within me to live my best life.


Tayah Midori Kau'ilani Ushiroda

Executive Assistant 


Jashea-Tatiana Karratti

Director of Communications 

ʻO Jashea-Tatiana Karratti koʻu inoa, nō Kailua-Kona mai au, a ka noho au ma Maunalua i kēia mau lā.

My name is Jashea -Tatiana Karratti, Iʻm from Kailua-Kona but live in Hawaiʻi Kai nowadays. Although itʻs far from home and ʻohana, My husband Liʻi Karrati makes the distance easy to cope with. I grew up embracing my culture through traditions like ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, Hula, and Aloha.

I am in awe and gratitude to serve on behalf of my kŪpuna wahine and founder Iris Plunkett, to bring forth her vision. My heart has always been to serve my ʻohana and Hawaiian people with whatever career I decided to pursue (Iʻm multi-passionate). This movement is so powerful and I am honored to be apart of it.