• Aloha Yourself LLC is founded on the principles of the five core values of Aloha - Akahai, Lōkahi, "OluʻOlu, Haʻahaʻa and Ahonui. These values created and presented as a gift to the people of Hawaiʻi by Aunty Pilahi Paki, Hawaiʻiʻs honored kūpuna, philosopher, historian and songwriter to be the foundation and core of Hawaiiʻs people and someday a remedy to a world in deep turmoil.

  • Our Vision is to establish mastermind networks along with local government agencies, private businesses and organizations to invest in the people, providing them with resources, entrepreneurship, education, mentorship and opportunities to impact themselves and their families with solutions to lifeʻs challenges here in Hawaiʻi and throughout the world.



  • Encourage: You to create your own environment  and economy to be a conduit of blessing. We are Godʻs highest form of creation.

  • Educate: You to make paradigm shifts of change, renewing the mind, cultural behaviors and habits using timeless resources to build prosperous communities.

  • Empower: You to deliver your purpose to bring solutions to problems you were born to solve.

  • Elevate: Your mindset to think out of the ordinary “world systems” but look to the higher faculties within yourself to deliver “YOU!”

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